Suitcase battery LiFePO4 12V 4S 200Ah with bluetooth and app


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Waterproof suitcase battery 12V 200Ah

  • Energy banks
  • Boats, yachts
  • PV
  • Campers
  • with Android, iOS app to read parameters

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A very light, waterproof suitcase LiFePO4 battery that is an alternative to heavy lead batteries.

Eg. applications:

  • Energy bank to power all 12V/230V devices (230V after conversion) when there is no access to the 230V
  • Boats and yachts – power supply for the electric motors, echo sounders and other electrical equipment
  • Motor homes, campervans – supply for on-board equipment, energy storage for PV panels
  • Model building, drones – as a portable power bank for charging the on-board batteries of the model, in places where there is no access to the 230/12V installation
  • UPS emergency power supply, devices such as garage doors, home control systems, computers, etc.

Most important advantages:

  • Lightweight – the battery weighs about 20 kg, a comparable lead battery is over 50 kg
  • High usable capacity – due to the slightly higher operating voltage and different discharge characteristics, the energy equivalent to a lead battery with a capacity of approx. 240Ah can be drawn from a 200Ah battery.
  • Lifecycle – 2000 – is the declared number of charge-discharge cycles, after which the battery will retain over 80% of its initial capacity. This means that after several years of operation, the usable capacity of the battery will only drop to the value offered by a lead-acid battery of the same capacity at the beginning of operation. With such a long life, the purchase of a LiFePO4 battery is more profitable than the purchase of several lead batteries.
  • Charge status monitoring – the current battery charge level is displayed on the built-in LCD screen (indicative indications), and after downloading the application, also on mobile devices via Bluetooth (accurate indications) (Android, iOS).
  • High discharge and charge parameters – 150A – is the permissible continuous discharge current (600A – instantaneous current at which the protection is activated), and 150A is the maximum permissible charging current.
  • Waterproof housing – hermetic case in the form of a suitcase makes it easy to carry the battery and ensures resistance to external conditions.
  • Charger included – to each battery we add a professional, powerful, automatic LiFePO4 230V 15A battery charger.
  • Security layout – modern BMS monitoring battery operating parameters, guarantees safety (current, voltage and thermal protection) and long-term operation (voltage balancing system between cells).
  • Can be used indoors – unlike a lead battery, no gases or vapors are emitted during the operation of the LIFePO4 battery.



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Battery voltage

Cell type


Maximum continuous discharge current

Standard charging current

Maximum charging current

Discharge protection activation current


Cycles >80% capacity


Maximum charging voltage



Operating temperature range

Charge 0-(+45), Discharge (-20)-(+60)


14,6V 15A

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